IT Staff Profile: Jet

Photo by Riley Lewis

Jeanette Trapane, better known as Jet! 😉, has been working at RCSD since February 2013. She began her tenure here as an Instructional Assistant at St. Dominic. In August of the same year a Technical Support Representative position opened up in the IT department and Jet was the successful candidate. She was responsible for front line phone support for over 3 years and many RCSD staff will remember speaking with Jet on the help desk as she attempted to fix their issue! In 2016 Jet had learned enough of the IT world to take the role of a Technical Support Analyst, which is what she has been doing since. Jet is currently responsible for 6 east end elementary schools and is eager to take on more training responsibilities once IT ramps up our efforts in that area.

Jet was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada with her husband, Randell in 2009 as permanent residents. They both became Canadian citizens in 2014. Jet and Randell now live in Regina with their two daughters: Yumi who is 10, and Nohea who is 3.

She attended De La Salle University Manila and Philippine Normal University in the Philippines where she attained her degrees in Organizational Communication and Special Education, respectively. These skills transferred well to her new IT career in Canada!

Jet volunteers as a reader at Holy Child Parish and Holy Rosary Cathedral and she also serves as the Family Ministry Coordinator with her husband Randell for Couples for Christ Regina. She and her family love participating in various fundraising activities throughout the year.

In her spare time Jet loves being at the beach, swimming, snorkeling, surfing — and anything else to do in the water! Here in Canada Jet enjoys snowboarding in the winter and longboarding in the summer.

Get to know Jet!

What is your favourite dessert?
Ice Cream

What is one of your hobbies?

What is your dream vacation destination?

What is your favourite colour?

Where were you born?
Negros Occidental, Philippines