IT Staff Profile: Kevin

Kevin has worked for RCSD since September of 2003! He began his career here as a Computer Technician and over the years has progressed to his current position of Network Architect. The reason you have a seamless WiFi connection and stable internet at all of the schools is, in part, because of all the work that Kevin does! Kevin is responsible for maintaining our network infrastructure; this includes all of the networking hardware in each of the school network closets as well as some appliances at our main data center in Miller, including the firewall! Kevin is also heavily involved in the VIA project. As you can imagine, with phones, intercoms and bells all running on the network it’s important to keep it running smoothly!

Kevin was born in Regina and grew up on a farm just outside of Balgonie. He went to Greenall High School in Balgonie and graduated in 2001. After High School he attended SIAST in Moose Jaw where he graduated with a diploma in Computer Information Systems in 2003. Kevin now lives in Regina with his wife Robyn and their two daughters Kenna and Haisley.

Kevin is an avid curler! In 2015 his team won the provincial Travelers Club Championship and then went on to nationals in Ottawa to represent Saskatchewan. He continues to curl at the Highland Curling Club two nights a week during the curling season. Kevin also serves as the Vice President of the board for the Highland.

Kevin received the RCSD Distinguished Employee award in 2014.

Get to know Kevin!

What is your favourite dessert?
Anything with Oreo in it

What is one of your hobbies?
Curling, home automation

What is your dream vacation destination?
Germany or New Zealand

What is your favourite colour?

Where were you born?