IT Staff Profile: Tyler

Photo by Riley Lewis

Tyler has worked for the school division since September 2013. He was first hired as a Technical Analyst who was responsible for several schools as well as CEC. A year later he accepted the position of Infrastructure Analyst which he held until the beginning of this year when he took on the role of Software Solutions Architect. In this role he is responsible for our cloud infrastructure in Azure, Scholantis, support for Learning Online as well as many other things! Most recently he is working on developing our new training platform that will be released soon 😉. Tyler loves to program and has developed integrations and scripts that make work life a little easier for our IT staff as well as the RCSD staff at large.

Tyler was born in Yorkton and was raised in Grayson, Saskatchewan (famous for it’s meat!). He attended Grayson School until grade 9 followed by Melville Comprehensive High School (go Cobras!). After graduation he moved to Regina to attend the University of Regina where he attained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Tyler now lives in Regina with his husband, Conner, and 5 year old son, Al.

Tyler is an amateur astrophotographer; though very new to the hobby he is looking forward to warmer weather so he can take his telescope back out into the night! In the summer he also enjoys going geocaching. In the winters he and his husband like to curl but they haven’t found much time to do it since they adopted their son a few years ago.

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Hungarian Torte

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